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Lead Paint Removal

Removing Lead Paint

 The removal of lead-based paint can result in harm to both the person doing the job and the people who live or work nearby

Untreated Lead poisoning can lead to brain damage or even death!


Health & Safety

The 'Health and Safety in Employment Act' requires employers to provide a safe working environment for employees. Employees and self-employed people are also required to protect themselves and others from harm. This includes contractors.

The only truly safe way to eliminate Lead from your property is to remove it entirely. Often lead paint has been painted over, thus the potential for exposure still exists when the paint layers are disturbed at a future time.


JetX are the Specialists in Lead Paint Removal

Accredited and certified for the Safe removal of Lead Paint

Removed without any risk to your property environment or those living & working there

Tools, Equipment and Specialist knowledge to remove paint safety and effectively

Cost Effective as you will also get a clean prepared surface ready for repainting

Lead Paint testing



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